Atelier de l'Avenir



CIMEDE was approved in 2008 within the framework of the 4th project appeal under the Marshall Plan. This project brought together a team of 12 industrial and scientific partners.

Scientific partners:

  • B-TeC;
  • CEDIA;
  • EnergySuD;
  • LuciD;
  • Structural Engineering;
  • CSTC.

Industrial partners:

  • Atelier de l'Avenir;
  • Grondal architects;
  • Knauf;
  • Mery-Bois;
  • Wust.

Other partner(s):

  • Walloon Housing Company


In 2012, an investment of approx. €4 million was made for the construction of a new production workshop and the installation of a high-performance production line enabling Atelier de l’Avenir to industrialise its CIMEDE production process.


CIMEDE currently (2013) provides employment for 8 individuals. 8 workers (labourers from Ateliers du Monceau) are also involved in the project.

It is estimated that the workshop will be employing 30 people by 2015, increasing to 80 by 2020.

Production plant


With a surface area of approx. 4000 m², Atelier de l’Avenir’s production plan doesn’t use a single litre of oil or any other fossil fuel for heating. This is thanks to a high-efficiency biomass boiler which uses wood waste from the production process as fuel.


Electricity comes from solar panels which provide an output of 209 kWe.