Atelier de l'Avenir

Atelier de l'Avenir (Workshop of the Future)

Atelier de l’Avenir is a company with a social purpose created in 1997 out of the Ateliers du Monceau which has been properly active since 2008 and the launch of the CIMEDE project. With a particular interest in issues of sustainable development, the Atelier de l’Avenir embarked upon a prefabricated timer frame building system project which facilitates the design of progressive, sustainable and economical houses.

SUSTAINABLE development

LOW energy timber frame

PASSIVE construction

industrial BUILDINGS

The CIMEDE adventure

This project goes under the name of CIMEDE, which stands for Construction Industrielle de Maisons Evolutives, Durables et Economiques (Industrial Construction of Progressive, Sustainable and Economical Houses). Since the project’s inception to the present day, many hurdles have been overcome and many fruitful meetings held in order to arrive at what we have today: a unique, high-performance system!

SOCIAL Economy

Staff integration