Atelier de l'Avenir


A social purpose

Atelier de l'Avenir, a subsidiary of Ateliers de Monceau (Social Enterprise in the form of an association without lucrative purpose) is a company with a social purpose.

A commercial company in the form of a traditional co-operative with limited liability, with articles of association describing additional values. These values are:

  • A company not devoted to the enrichment of its partners;
  • A company which has given a precise definition to the social purpose it pursues;
  • A company which draws up an annual report concerning the manner in which it has realised its social purpose.

The social purpose pursued by Atelier de l’Avenir s.c.r.l.f.s. is to provide work for disadvantaged persons, the majority of whom are deaf or hearing-impaired.

Job and handicap: a difficult balance to achieve

Atelier de l’Avenir is a co-operative company with a social purpose. As such, its objective is to create employment for individuals living with a disability and primarily for deaf or hearing-impaired persons. The aim is to allow these persons to live their lives in the most independent manner possible. This aim of social integration is one of the company’s fundamental values.

Sustainable development: a comprehensive approach

Atelier de l’Avenir reuses the wood waste from its products to heat the whole of its site via a high-efficiency biomass boiler.

It is the same environmental concern which sees us produce a significant part of our electricity thanks to 1400 m² of photovoltaic panels which cover our buildings.

Finally, our offices, built according to the CIMEDE principle, also meet these stringent energy criteria.

We also do not lose sight of the social aspects of sustainable development. As mentioned above, the desire to provide employment for disadvantaged persons permeates the philosophy of Atelier de l’Avenir.