Atelier de l'Avenir


February 2008

Participation in a meeting concerning regional redeployment in the construction sector. Call for sustainable construction projects bringing together companies within the sector.

March 2008

Presentation of a concept to GRE-Liège (Group for Economic Deployment in the Liège region): creation of a software package integrating the principles of sustainable construction. This must serve as a guide to the builder during the design of the house. The frame of this prefabricated timber house will consist of standard panels assembled before delivery to the building site.

A group of small and medium-sized enterprises was formed in order to further develop the project:

  • Ateliers du Monceau (social enterprise specialising in woodwork, project leader);
  • GRONDAL architects;
  • KNAUF (construction materials):
  • Alain LESAGE (consultant);
  • MERY-BOIS (wood wholesaler);
  • WUST (general contractor).

May 2008

Presentation of the project to the DGTRE (Directorate General of Technologies, Research and Energy for the Walloon Region). Atelier de l’Avenir (SCRLFS, subsidiary of Ateliers du Monceau) becomes project leader.

Edith COUNE and Eric LAITAT start assisting the project. These two members of the CAP 2020 cluster took on the role of mediator with the DGTRE in a human and professional spirit. They constantly encouraged us to make our project as concrete as possible.

During this same period, various other research centres joined the project as partners:

  • LuciD (ULg), responsible for IT development;
  • CEDIA (ULg), responsible for resolving acoustic problems;
  • SE and B-TeC (ULg), responsible for examining “connection” and stability problems;
  • EnergySUD (ULg), responsible for carrying out thermal and energy studies;
  • The CSTC, responsible for all aspects relating to norms and regulations.

June 2008

The dossier was submitted in response to the appeal for projects relating to “Sustainable development-climate change” within the framework of the Marshall Plan.


Everything gets underway…FINALLY!


The prefabricated timber frame construction technique is undergoing rapid development in Belgium and Europe as a whole. Currently employing 8 individuals, Atelier de l’Avenir positions itself on the market as the manufacturer of an industrialised timber frame building system. In other words, the necessary elements for constructing the walls, partitions, floors etc. of a house are prefabricated in our workshop before delivery to the building site where they are erected and assembled.

March 2013

The first CIMEDE building with an exterior surface area of approx. 190m² is completed. It is the offices of Atelier de l’Avenir, the shell of which was assembled in record time – just a day and a half!