Atelier de l'Avenir


The CIMEDE system (Construction Industrielle de Maisons Evolutives, Durables, et Economiques) is a new patented building system for the use of timber frames. Each aspect has been studied in minute detail and most of the production process takes place in the workshop.

The timber frame building system has numerous advantages. As well as requiring only limited and unobtrusive interventions on site, it allows one to limit the number of unpleasant surprises, particular in relation to airtightness and water infiltration. When such problems arise, solutions can of course be found but they are rarely optimal and are sometimes even just makeshift measures.

The CIMEDE elements are produced industrially. This industrial process begins with the processing of the wood and continues right up to the placement of the cladding in some cases. Before that however, there is the completion of the shell, the closing of the first face, the insulation, the closing of the second face and even the placement of the frames.


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